Doch noch ein Wetter AddOn?

Unsere Partner von SimPrograms haben jetzt eine Liste vom EA Server gefunden, darin sind verdächtige Objekte, die vielleicht für einen Wetter AddOn sein sollten oder zumindestens ein Patch für Sims3.

Hier zur Liste (Englisch):

- Snow ball
- Special snowflakes
- Footprints in the Snow
- Is that … snow?
- Melted Snowman
- Snowflake

- No Chance of Rain
- Batten down the hatches, There Be a nasty storm brewing and enemies closing fast! You lad, look sharp!
- Storm

- This grass looks great in the Fall.

- It’s hard to argue That There Is Any tree more beautiful Than a cherry tree in the springtime.

- Harvest Rain Song
- Song at Sunset

– The weather report forecasted sunshine, drank For some reason it looks like it HAS snowed in the principal’s office! 0.SimFirstName {} Would not Know anything about this, right?
- A rainstorm indoors?! Well, now you’ve seen everything …
- Whoa! That last door opening has unleashed huge torrent of water. You just barely swam to safety.
- The clouds are so thick you-can barely see Where You’re going. If only You Had a fog light.
- What’s with all this water? You’re a fireman, not a lifeguard!
- The outdoors are beckoning your Sim to leave the indoors behind and enjoy the great outdoors. Your Sim wants to have fun in the sun!
- Play Outside
- Cold Sun
- Old Sun
- That Was a great day! Just enjoying the sun and a Good meal … why can not Every Day Be like that one?
- A trip to the park is a fun way to enjoy the sun and fresh air, though one HAS to watch out for the muddy patches!
- Gum on the Shoe

– Tropic Twister

- Milkshake


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